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We focus on capturing the authentic, unposed moments of your day – those spontaneous, genuine interactions with your closest friends and family that truly embody the spirit of your celebration. If you feel a connection with our style, and you’re pondering having us for your big day, or simply interested in what we offer, get in touch. Our objective is to integrate seamlessly into your wedding while providing exceptional photography. Let’s get together and devise a strategy that reflects the distinctiveness of your tale.


Our experience and expertise span all over the globe. We’ve captured moments in tons of locations and wedding types of venues. In incredible settings, from 12,000-foot-high mountains peaks to the the moody moorlands of the UK, to the topical beaches of Cancun, among many others. All of these different situations have equipped us with the knowledge and helped us shape and hone our skills to adapt to any environment, ensuring that your day is perfectly captured regardless of where, and when you decide to have your celebration.


At the heart of our approach to wedding photography is creativity. We understand that your wedding day is a unique and deeply emotional experience, and our goal is to artistically capture these moments without intruding on the natural flow of the day. Because no ones wants to miss out on the real and fun moments of their wedding just for pictures. It’s important to us to tell your love story through images that not only document but also evoke the genuine emotions and atmosphere of your wedding. Our creative perspective allows us to find unique angles, perspectives, and lighting that, along with our editing, transform each image into a work of art that you will revisit for the rest of your life.


With over 15 years of experience specializing in wedding photography, we have worked with a wide range of couples in many different scenarios. This vast experience has enabled us to adapt to various personalities, preferences, and unforeseen challenges that may arise during a wedding day. We’ve learned to navigate through the unexpected with our go to ‘path of least resistance’ approach, ensuring that your day unfolds smoothly and that every moment is captured beautifully. Trust in our experience to make your wedding photography experience enjoyable and stress-free.


“I felt at ease whenever they were near”

We booked Drew & Angela for our wedding and could not be happier. We were initially drawn to their work for their beautifully unique aesthetic. Artistic, creative, and full of life! Not only are they magicians behind the camera, but they are such lovely people. One thing that has really stuck with me since the wedding is how incredibly calming and supportive their energy was. I felt at ease whenever they were near. Logistically, they make a great team. They know exactly how to tag-team to capture a variety of shots with different lenses and angles at the same time! They were so efficient with time. We are also very thankful that Drew & Angela were a great help with direction during the large group portraits. When we received our photos afterwards, we were just blown away. Every single photo is a work of art. Thank you Drew and Angela for capturing our day

Kelsey + Zack

“They are kind, thoughtful, and so very talented!”

From our first Skype call, Drew and Angela were amazing to work with. They listened to our vision, explained their process, answered every question, and helped us finalize our wedding day schedule ahead of time so that everything ran smoothly day of. During our engagement shoot and wedding portraits, they made us feel far more comfortable in front of a camera than we ever thought possible! And most importantly, they captured the joy of our wedding day with all of its details as the day unfolded. I cannot recommend the Willinghams enough — they are kind, thoughtful, and so very talented!
You will be so thankful when you hire them as your wedding photographers. I know I am.

Allie + Ed

“We absolutely LOVED working with Drew and Angela for our wedding photography!”

We first met them through our in-laws at their wedding, and we were so blown away by the quality of their work that we had to have Drew and Angela for our wedding. It wasn’t even a discussion: we both knew! Drew and Angela were great to work with, and super communicative leading up to our wedding day. The photos are AMAZING! Their photographic style perfectly captured our day and made us look better than we’ve ever looked! We love our photos. Thank you, Drew and Angela, for an amazing experience.
For future couples, you MUST use The Willinghams Photography as your photographer!

Peter + Zack

“They really helped us get through the whirlwind of our wedding.”

Angela and Drew were definitely one of the lynchpins of our wedding. Having done a fantastic engagement session with them last fall, it was reassuring to see a familiar face on our big day. They really helped us get through the whirlwind of our wedding. They we’re great to collaborate with through the planning process, providing suggestions from their experience but also incorporating any of our requests or preferences when it comes to the schedule of the day, poses or logistics of capturing the day. On the big day they were professional and carefully balanced between capturing the wedding/getting the shot and blending into the background. We were overwhelmed by our final photo set – so many great photos, multiple angles and version of each critical moment. I highly recommend the Willinghams for their wedding!

Catherine + Sebastian

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Frequently Asked

If you’re cutting through the jargon, we’re essentially documentary photojournalists. That term “cinematic style” seems to be the latest buzz in Portland and other urban hotspots across the Pacific Northwest. But really, it’s all just fancy talk for what we do: capturing real, authentic moments. Our goal is for our clients to look back at their photos and be instantly taken back to the feelings of the day. We strive for images that don’t just remind you of how you were posed or the instructions you were given, but rather the genuine interactions and emotions shared with those closest to you. Essentially, we aim to capture the essence of you, living and breathing in those unrepeatable moments of your wedding day or any session with us. It’s clear that many couples on the hunt for a Portland wedding photographer are in search of exactly this authenticity.

We use all professional Canon photography gear including full frame mirrorless bodies, Canon L series lenses as well as a variety of LEDs and strobes that we use at night when needed. We also have backup camera bodies and lenses that we bring.

Yes! We have a touch of the wanderlust so any chance we have an excuse to travel we take. Whenever there’s an opportunity to hit the road, we’re on it. Plus, we’ve got a knack for making the most out of every travel budget. Just drop us a line with your destination, and we’ll whip up a complete quote that includes all the travel details.

We edit all of our photos one by one and with amount we deliver it takes a bit of time. We generally deliver full wedding galleries between 4 to 8 weeks after the wedding depending on if its during the busy season. 

Perfect! This is a great chance for us to chat. Reach out to us and let us know what you’d like to know. 

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If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to talk to you.