A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Do you know who was born on June 14th, 84 years ago?Che Guevara.

Do you know who was born on June 14th, 30 years ago? That's right! Me!! (Birthday checks can be made out to "Angela Willingham") ;)

Our good buddy Che once celebrated his birthday while he was volunteering at a leper colony.

I, on the other hand, celebrated by wearing sequin shorts , dancing "The Jerk", and singing 'I Just Cant Wait to be King' … because, seriously… who doesn't love 'The Lion King'?!

Do you know who was NOT born on June 14th? Stephanie Kalte.

She probably celebrated her un-birthday off somewhere, being totally gorgeous... because she does that very well! Here she is doing more celebrating.


Stephanie K Denver Portrait Photographers-58
Stephanie K Denver Portrait Photographers-59