There's a party in Colorado and everyone is invited

Boulder Wedding Photographer Lens Flare

We get mega pumped when we get the chance to hang out with our ever-so-awesome photographer friends! Even more so when they are some of our favorite people. You may be asking yourself… Just who are these super humans??

Carly & George, Super Humans Extraordinaire! (official title)

Carly & George (of Carly Bish Photography) got to experience the majesty that is Colorado, test out our notoriously comfy couch, and even see a RATTLESNAKE!  I'm convinced the this particular rattlesnake could smell awesomeness. (their only known weakness*)

*This may or may not be true

Therefore, it knew not to mess with us as long as Carly & George were around!

We loved having them here! Now, if they only lived down the street instead of in Seattle.

Check them out in all their glory.


Boulder Wedding Photographer Freelensing
Boulder Wedding Photographer cuddling
Colorado Red Rocks Holding Hands
Colorado Red Rocks Love
Carly Bish George006
Carly Bish George007
Colorado Mountains Wedding Photographer Black and White
Colorado Mountains Wedding Photographer Cloudy