Heather and Matt .Engaged. Ventura

It's people like Heather and Matt that make great pictures so easy. I mean really :-) All hopped up on Starbucks green tea we headed down to the beach and rocked an awesome photo shoot until the cold from the wind cut right through to the bone. We toughed it out but once we were all teary eyed and shivering we threw in the towel, but not before getting some sweet pictures.

Thanks for hangin with me H&M!

4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0016 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0024 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0019 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0012 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0011 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0014 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0015 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0030 Web
4-30-10 MattHeatherBeach0031 Web