A Blooming Spring Wedding at the HollyHedge Estate

HollyHedge Estate Wedding Spring.jpg

HollyHedge Estate

Adam and Kathleen had the honor of helping us kick off our 2017 season with their incredible outdoor wedding in a historic family-run, farm estate. HollyHedge Estate is in a gorgeous area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania full of old barns, stone homes and historic landmarks dating back to the founding of this country. What we love about it is how much it reminds us of our trips to the United Kingdom exploring the countryside and all their old stone farm houses.

Adam and Kathleen have been amazing friends to us since we started working with them on their wedding and engagement session. They’re extremely sweet and compassionate to each other and those around them.

"must be Burt Reynolds or something"

If you’re getting married at HollyHedge Estate or anywhere else in New Hope or Bucks County let us know. We would love to work with you on your wedding day.