Ice Cream Sandwiches and Oatmeal Together

Rocky Mountain Engagement Spring Grass

I realized something this morning.

I don't know the last time I had an ice cream sandwich. Then I really started to panic. Do they still make ice cream sandwiches? Did I miss my chance to have the last one ever?

I quickly jumped in the car, drove over to my health-nut-organic-everything-because-I-heard-it-was-a-good-idea store and went straight to the frozen heaven section. I panicked for a second when I couldn't find them and then, there they were, the "most natural" form of an ice-cream sandwich you'll ever find RIGHT THERE. I still hadn't eaten so the sight of these treats was enough to make my mouth water and my breathing get a little creepy, like the guy sitting on the same bench as you at the train station that you try not to make eye contact with but you know he's looking right at you.

Can you guess what I had for breakfast? That's right, oatmeal!

Because I know what's best for me.

You know what's awesome about Brenna and Matt? They're like oatmeal and ice cream sandwiches at the same time. They're the best for you, AND they're that extreme treat you wish you could have all the time. Such genuinely amazing people that we can't wait to spend more time with in a few weeks at their wedding.


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