Jordan .Portrait. Ventura

I'm so relieved that we're done moving. Everything is where it needs to be. This makes me excited for two reasons. First because it means that all the little tedious jobs that come with moving are done. Second it means I can get back to working on the images I shot a few weeks back. One of those amazing sessions was with Jordan. Going through the images from this shoot was very difficult because almost every single picture we captured was print worthy. I guess that's a good thing that she's so hard to take a bad photo of. Not that I was trying to. It didn't matter if the camera was on her at the moment or not, Jordan looked energetic and stunning the whole time.

Thank you for the great images Jordan.

Jordan 2 -1580 Web
Jordan 2 -1585 Web
Jordan 2 -1729 Web
Jordan 2 -1491 Web
Jordan 2 -1465 Web
Jordan 2 -1472 Web