Blame It On The Wears

Colorado Wedding Photographers Cuddling Up

On this day, it rained. A lot.Not only literal rain… on this day there was a metaphorical monsoon of pure awesomeness. Who's to blame for this perfect storm? We've got to blame it on something… blame it something.. but what? Blame it on the rain? Ooooorrr, you can put the blame on me that I just shamelessly referenced Milli Vanilli. I have no regrets. In fact everyone should probably take a Milli Vanilli break right now. Go enjoy a nice little slice of top notch lip syncing. But whatever you do, dont put the blame on you. ;) My suggestion? Blame it on The Wears!

The Wears showed up on this rainy, rainy day to bring the awesome. And man, oh man did they bring it! Buckets of it. The Wears are no strangers to bringing the awesome though. They happen to be a couple of super cool photographers of Revert Photo! Check out their work here.

And while you go do that, Drew and I have to go get our hair braided. But I get to be Vanilli. I called it. You are my witness.

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Cuddling on a Mountain side

-Angela (a.k.a. Vanilli)