The Willinghams Pricing Info

We love chatting with people and questions are an awesome way to start dialog. So, just because we're answering these questions here please don't let that stop you from contacting us and asking anything else you want to know. 

p: 303.562.6956

How do you pronounce your last name? 
With a British pizzaz. If you don't use the accent you're saying it wrong!

Will you both be there photographing our wedding? 
Definitely! Always!

Our wedding isn’t in Philadelphiam NJ or NYC, are you available to travel?
Heck yes, we are! If your wedding is within 3 hours of us there is no travel fee. If it’s outside of that we are very
frugal travelers and can offer travel for cheap.

How much do you charge for wedding coverage? 
8 hours of wedding coverage from both of us starts at $3250.
Elopement weddings start at $1400
We always include all the high resolution edited photos.
Contact us for our complete pricing and package information.

How many wedding pictures can we expect from our wedding?
Every wedding day is different so it’s hard to give an exact number but for most weddings we deliver between 600 to 850 pictures (this ends up being roughly 1200-1700 with color and black and white versions).

How much would it cost to have an engagement session? 
$500 for about a 2 hour session. 

Do you guys photograph details and family group portraits on a wedding day?
Yes we do! If you'd like to see some examples of full wedding galleries just send us an email. 

Will we be able to print our pictures? 
Yep! We send you all the edited photos in high resolution at no extra cost.

Our wedding isn't in Pennsylvania. Do you travel for weddings? 
Yes, we totally travel for weddings. We LOVE seeing other areas of the world. It's super refreshing! Contact us if you'd like to discuss travel rates. 

What kind of camera equipment do you guys use? 
We use Canon. 5D Mark 4's to be exact and all Canon prime lenses. 

How did you guys meet? 
Drew spotted Angela and worked up the courage to ask her to model for him. So then they went on a couple dates, couldn't imagine living this life without each other and a few months later were married. 11 years and counting! 

Are you guys madly in love? 
We're not mad about it. 

I heard that Angela does the sexiest boudoir sessions ever. What are the details on that? 
You are absolutely correct. Angela does her Babes sessions for $500. Contact her for more details and to see her portfolio. 

If you have any other questions please Contact Us