Mt Evans Colorado Engagement Session

Hanging out with the incredible people at one of the coolest spots. Our fiends, Sean and Melanie Flanigan from A Fist Full of Bolts, are just the best. Sean’s been on my radar since 2009, when I first got into wedding photography and was looking at creative photographers that did more than that weird glowy hazy cheesy stuff. It was still kind of unheard of to do anything other than that back in 2009. Luckily, our paths crossed in Southern California (back when we were locals) for a photo session modeling opportunity. That’s where our friendship took off. We also snagged so many killer photography tips from him over the years, shaping us into the photographers we are now. And when Sean and Melanie became an couple, Melanie quickly turned into a great friend.

So, whenever there’s a chance to hang, whether we’re in California, Colorado, or Pennsylvania, we jump at it for some fun photo adventures. This one time, we all squeezed into our little MINI Cooper for a scenic drive up Mt. Evans in the Rockies, right to the top. At the peak, we managed to snap some pics and just marvel at the stunning views. Here are some of those pictures.

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