A Little Bit About Who We Are

Oh man, writing about yourself is hard. It always feels like you might be saying weird stuff that only your friends would/should know. Well I guess we’ll just skip to the weird stuff and tell you what we are like. If you want to know more about us you can always ring us up on the phone or email us with all the questions about us that are keeping you up at night.

Here are the top 3 fun facts about Angela:

-In 2020 got into Animal Crossing and has one of the coolest islands ever. 
-Her number 1 guilty pleasure is ridiculously cheesy girl movies. Most are very outdated.
-She has an unhealthy addiction to cats and cat related things.

Here are the top 3 fun facts about Drew:

-Is afraid of horses. Too much time on youtube watching rodeos.
-Has a portrait of Angela tattooed on his arm. 
-Idolized the underrated hero, Han Solo.

Top 3 facts about the power couple that is us, The Willinghams:

-We eat a lot of dinners out of the Game of Thrones cook book. 
-For our 5 year anniversary we got matching R2D2 tattoos.
-As cliche as it sounds, we are by far each other’s best friends.

And we LOVE getting our photos done

Photos of us by Nessa K Photography: