United Kingdom Wedding Photographer

In January of 2015 we had an amazing opportunity to co-host a photography workshop with our friend Jon Dennis of S6 Photography in Sheffield, England. After the workshop we just had to see as many British sights as we could so we took a 10 day road trip from Sheffield to London, then up to Northumberland, up to Scotland including Edinburgh, Glencoe and The Isle of Skye then back down to Sheffield. We absolutely loved the experience and would love every chance we can get to return to the UK. So if you’re getting married anywhere in the United Kingdom and are interested in our work please get a hold of us and we’ll set something up. Below are some of our photos from the workshop and the rest of our trip. 

The Willinghams UK trip-0003.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0004.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0006.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0005.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0001.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0002.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0009.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0007.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0012.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0011.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0013.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0014.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0015.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0016.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0017.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0019.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0020.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0018.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0022.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0024.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0021.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0023.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0025.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0027.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0028.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0026.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0031.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0032.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0029.jpg
The Willinghams UK trip-0030.jpg

How Much We Cost

Our pricing to photograph a wedding in the UK is £2000 which includes:
Unlimited wedding day coverage from both Drew and Angela
USB of edited High Resolution images with print rights
Online Gallery of High Resolution images
This also covers our travel and lodging to make it out there.

A Little About Us

We’re passionate about photography, love, life and Star Wars. We use all of those elements along with our years of experience in our wedding photography to make creative photos unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We are adventurers and explorers at heart. We love making new friends and getting to know people of all types and hearing about all the different love stories couples have.

If this all sounds good to you check out our recent work on our photography journal.

So how do you contact us? 

If you like our work and want to have us there on your wedding day, please, contact us at either Drew@theWillinghams.com or Angela@theWillinghams.com. We would love to learn more about your wedding and what work we can do to make the pictures of the day unforgettable and powerful. Be sure to check out our Wedding and Engagement Portfolio and if you’re still hungry for more, email us and ask us to see more.

Let’s Make This Happen!

Lets chat a bit and get to know a little about each other. We want to know your story and what you’re all about.

If you’ve got a Wedding Pinterest Board we would love to see it. If you’re letting us know about your wedding, please be sure to let us know the wedding date and venue.

We love meeting new people and making new friends, so lets start there.

Shoot us an email at Angela@theWillinghams.com or Drew@theWillinghams.com