Prospect Heights Engagement Session

Capturing moments with Anna and Matt through the lively streets of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, felt like a seamless adventure. Their style had an effortless cool that was magnetic, matched only by their easygoing and genuine rapport with each other and our lenses. It was a highlight when they opened up their space to us, giving a peek into their dynamic as they whipped up a fantastic meal together. We can’t wait to travel to San Francisco for their wedding later this year.

Prospect Heights itself is a neighborhood that refuses to be pigeonholed into a single season’s charm. Circling Prospect Park on a day teetering on the brink of spring underscored the unique allure of this NYC slice. Often, we advise couples to wait for the flush of green, but Anna and Matt’s undeniable flair made the urban, somewhat bare setting work wonders. Their vibe harmonized with the city’s raw edges, creating a backdrop that was both warm and starkly beautiful.

This neighborhood, with its blend of old Brooklyn charm and a constant pulse of contemporary life, provides a canvas that’s hard to match. From the brownstone-lined streets to the eclectic mix of local eateries and boutiques, there’s a grit and grace to Prospect Heights. It’s a place where every corner has a story, and on this particular day, it was the perfect stage for Anna and Matt’s pre-wedding narrative.

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